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Top Mail Order Bride Profiles

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russian girl
Diana Kareva
Russia, Voronezh
About me:

I am an easy-going girl who wants to find a funny and handsome man. I am very sociable, which is why I have so many friends. I like spending time with the nearest and dearest people. Even though friends are very important to me, they cannot replace real love.

Meet on site who we are and what we do for you

Now finding your other half is easier than ever thanks to online dating platforms that help people start a new happy life. Our team makes everything for you to find your foreign bride faster by picking the most attractive and detailed profiles of women on top and trustworthy dating sites. You should have the best choice, and we will provide you with it. You will see here new profiles each month, though we hope that you will not spend a lot of time here.

Mail order wife

Everything you should know about mail order brides
What is a mail order bride?

Mail order bride is a lady who has an account on a dating site. She hopes that she will find a perfect partner abroad. These women want to find men who will support and protect them, as well as love them, as it is their main concern and goal: to find someone who will love them. If you have the same desire and are ready to start a relationship with a woman on distance, you will love the idea of communication with a mail order bride!

How much does a mail order bride cost?

Buying a woman is impossible, you can only encourage her to communicate with you and make your communication as joyful and pleasant as she can get interested in life with you. The price of such activity varies: you can spend $50 on live chat on a dating site and a few dollars on her tickets to your country, but there may be additional spends such as sending gifts and flowers to her. In general, you may spend around $5000 to meet your woman and marry her.

How to get a mail order bride?

You can use two ways: travel to the country of your dream and meet your perfect woman dating various girls or use dating sites. We recommend the second variant as it is a lot more convenient and comfortable than traveling: you will spend less money and time using the online dating services.

How to find a mail order bride?

You can find a mail order bride in her native country, although it is a bit more pricey than to search for your perfect woman online. If you decide upon online dating instead of traveling, we will help you get your Internet wife within several minutes: our team carefully picks the most attractive and detailed profiles of brides who want to meet foreigners. You will have a good choice on!

What are the best mail order bride sites?

There are a lot of legendary and giant mail order bride sites like eDarling, and you can choose them if want to search a bride among millions of people. However, we would like to recommend sites like LoveSwans, MatchTruly, AsiaCharm, and LatinFeels that are younger than eDarling but have pretty large databases and can offer you a lot of communication services, as well as constant support.

How to buy a mail order bride?

You cannot buy a girl, remember that! You can only pay for the virtual communication with her, and the price for the communication and additional exciting services (including paying for your woman’s moving to you) may vary from $50 to $30,000.

How to marry a mail order bride?

We highly recommend using dating platforms to meet your perfect woman. It implies that you should register there, pay for some services like sending gifts and flowers and video chat (if you want to, of course), and then you can ask your beautiful bride to come to you! After a pleasant and successful date, or several of them, you can decide on marrying that girl.

Why stay on to find a bride?

If you want to be united for life with a foreign bride, will help you make the right choice. Why rely on us? Below there are the features of the bride you are likely to meet here!

  • A lady with a beautiful face and soul;
  • An attentive and feminine woman who will support you as much as she can;
  • A girl with a flexible mind who can adapt to new life conditions and environment;
  • A devoted wife who will make everything for you two to be happy.

How does choose profiles of Internet brides?

To choose a partner for life is a tough task, and we try to remain your best helper in it - for the shortest possible period. That is why we developed our simple list of criteria we use when choosing the mail order brides on dating sites.

Single lady looking for marriage

We pay attention to:

  • Appearance.People usually consider the look, style, and beauty of a person first: our eyes collect the first information about a woman we see. tries to pick only the most attractive and charming ladies to post their profiles on the site.
  • Love and ability to create a cozy home.Probably any man wants his house to be home, and some women do not want or cannot create such a feeling for their husbands. We respect both men and women and their desires, and choose mail order brides who are okay with household chores, as the majority of men who come to TheMailOrderBride would like to meet a good hostess.
  • Respect to traditional family roles.A caring mother, faithful wife, attentive hostess - these are ones of the best words that describe ladies we pick for our site!
  • Flexibility of mind.For a conservative woman, it may be difficult to move to another country and adapt to the new environment and customs; that’s why we do not bother such girls with our services. Instead, we choose girls who are completely ready to study languages, learn foreign cultures, and just love traveling.
  • Intelligence.If you want to marry a mail order bride who will be able to talk about everything with you - welcome to! On our platform, you will easily find girls with high education level and acute intellect.

Mail order bride: the woman you may fall for

Mail order bride is a beauty who has a passionate desire to meet and date a foreigner. She is a woman who decided to search for a partner overseas because she wants to be happy with a person she will love and who will love her, and because she is ready to make some efforts to find her perfect match.

Why women become mail order brides?

Some people do not understand what the point of online dating is. The majority of mail order brides come from Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Women from these regions are exceptionally beautiful and talented, and they seek a chance to find a great partner. Some girls cannot find a decent husband in their countries, while others may simply want to live in a different culture with a loving and devoted man. Regardless of the reasons, women become mail order brides because they seek a chance to find true love and happiness.

Are mail order brides real?

Our team of dating experts monitors online dating platforms to make sure that information is real and legit. Mail order brides are indeed real — thousands of couples have been created around the world due to online dating services. However, there are some sites that can scam you and offer a fraudulent dating experience. Nevertheless, the information found on our site has been checked by our professionals!

How can you meet?

Foreign brides are seeking for a partner abroad using online dating platforms that collect their data, verify identity, and help them to find their perfect matches online. You can find plenty of such sites and communicate with women from all over the globe online, building your perfect relationship by your own rules. is all about helping people find their love faster. We want you to join millions of happy people; we want you to get rid of loneliness and complete absence of understanding. We promote the idea that there is a soulmate for everyone and this person may live anywhere, and you can meet her among Internet brides on the best dating sites.

How to meet a mail order bride online: step-by-step guide

To simplify the process of finding a bride, we created a short instruction for you. You can follow it, if you decide to search for your perfect match by yourself, without our help:

  • Browse the top listswith dating sites and read reviews about them;
  • Pick the platform that meets your requirementsand is completely safe for your data and any transactions;
  • Make an accountthere and create a detailed profile that will describe you the best;
  • Think over the portraitof your perfect mail order wife;
  • Use Search to find your lovelybeauty and narrow the list of potential candidates with filters;
  • Contact several womenwho meet your expectations (we recommend to choose 5, not more);
  • Enjoy communicationwith girls;
  • Narrow the list of foreign bridesto 2 ladies;
  • Make the final choiceand meet your girl in your country or go to her homeland!

However, you still can search for your future wife on TheMailOrderBride site and shorten the time you will spend on choosing the site and women. Here are only top rated dating platforms and the most attractive girls.

girl in black lingerie

Foreign brides: so different, so tempting

There are a lot of mail order bride types! On our site, you can find all of them, but here we will highlight the most popular ones - young and mature.

Young ladies to date and marry

On this platform you can find young and beautiful souls who have the biggest desire to live abroad with beloved men. They are 18-35 years old, and they make up a large portion of our database.

Mature women to be happy with

These brides have some life experience, and if you are seeking for a 35+ woman, you can browse our site - or any dating platform to find her. Such women desperately want to find their life partners because they have not succeeded in this previously. They are ready to difficulties, as they know that there will be no happiness without making efforts.

Marriages with foreign brides are successful

TheUSCISorganization has the report telling that the marriages that were born owing to dating agencies have the lowest divorce rates and are happier than the couples formed ordinarily. It may be explained by the efforts people make to meet each other and start a family, or it is just the prolonged interesting life of the two people of different nationalities who share their knowledge and culture.

foreign brides

How much does it cost to get a mail order wife?

First of all, we should say that a man cannot buy a bride: it is impossible and sounds a bit weird. However, there is a price you should pay to get the possibility to communicate with a foreign lady.

The prices vary depending on the site you choose to find a girl (free or premium) and what kind of services you use to talk with women and impress them (video chat and sending gifts services are usually paid). Additionally, if you want your girl to come to you for the nearest weekend, it may cost you a few dollars for tickets and organization of date. So, you may spend $50 or thousands of dollars to marry a mail bride.

Where does ‘mail order bride’ come from?

This concept originated in the 1800s, during and after the great financial success of European and American men. They worked hard side-by-side with the other men, and there were only a few girls who were ready to start a relationship. Americans started to write to newspapers and search for ladies who wanted to be the wives of foreigners.

The majority of brides come from Slavic and Asian countries, as well as from Latin America.

Myths about mail order wives

There are a lot of thoughts about mail order brides. Some of them are true, some of them are just myths, and we have to dispel some of them for you and the other people to date foreign beauties with peace in your hearts.

Here are the things that have to be eliminated from the problems-with-brides list.

  • Mail order wives do not speak other languages but their native one.It is a lie! Girls who want to have a family with a foreigner understand that there will be quite a lot of problems if they will not speak a particular language, so they usually study one. Additionally, modern ladies do not want to limit their knowledge and social circle, so they can know several languages just for personal development.
  • They are so family-oriented that there is nothing more in their lives.No! It is impossible for a woman as a personality to be focused on just one thing. Mail order brides are active and curious persons; otherwise, why would they get interested in other cultures and men of other nationalities?
  • Mail order wives are infantile and dependent.You are unlikely to meet a woman who will rely only on you and your money. It is very nice if you can and want to support and protect your wife, but you should know that she will ask you to help her to find a job or something that will make her feel independent and strong. Internet brides do not want to get lost in another country, so they will make everything to build the foundation for their personality.
  • These girls want to marry mostly Americans.In 1800 they did, because no men but Americans needed foreign wives. Now girls are looking just for love and respect, and men from any country can give that to them.
  • They are similar, no matter what is their motherland.No! All the girls represent their unique cultures and personal values, so you will never meet two similar girls of different nationalities.
  • They want only your money.Some of the women who want to marry Western men are materialists, but the absolute majority of mail order beauties are love hunters and happiness seekers, that is all.
  • Marriage with a mail order bride has a high success rate.You should understand that the relationship should be developed and supported. Otherwise, it will end with tears and disappointment. Do not expect pure happiness and the complete absence of problems, unless you make everything for your couple to live a happy life. The truth is that divorce rates are lower in marriage with mail order brides, but it does not guarantee that you can do nothing and enjoy the life together.

Why you should choose mail order bride sites to find a wife?

  • It will save a lot of your time.No travels, no spending a fortune - only having fun and enjoying the communication with beautiful girls!
  • It is effective.Men rarely leave dating sites with nothing.
  • It gives a good choice.You will have the possibility to choose among thousands of girls!

A dating site is a great alternative for people who want to find a woman to marry without making endless and unsuccessful tries. If you are not going to spend your life searching for a perfect match, try online dating to end your lonely life, finally!

Devin and Milla
Devin and Olga helped us meet each other. Where else can you find so many real ladies freely if not on At this site, I met lots of attractive women who were friendly and willing to chat. This site helped me to meet Milla.

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