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Are you a single man who wants to find a beautiful and loyal wife? Enjoy a world with thousands of girls from all over the world with DateRussianGirl! Mail-order bride services have become increasingly popular, which is why finding true love and happiness is easier than ever!

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What DateRussianGirl website is all about?

DateRussianGirl is a website with over twenty years of experience in online dating. If you want to find a gorgeous mail-order bride, this is a perfect place for you. Enjoy the exceptional quality of service. A huge selection of profiles will help you find the most suitable lady for you. Matchmaking and searching algorithms are extremely efficient, so you would not waste your time and money using this platform.

DateRussianGirl review

As the website is working with ladies from different countries, you can be sure that you will be able to find a matching wife. One of the advantages of the platform is detailed guides that can help a customer when needed. Furthermore, customer services of DateRussianGirl are known to be effective, responsive, and constantly available.

First impression from Date Russian Girl


The website is cleverly designed as there are no unnecessary advertising or confusing banners that can distract a customer. Even though the interface looks quite simple, it is incredibly efficient. You can find everything that you need at the top of the webpage. A person with no or minimal online dating experience will be able to understand how to use website within a few minutes!

DateRussianGirl main page

Under each profile, you will find all important information about a date. There, you can see her name, a button to start communicating, and a button that can open her profile. You can learn more about the bride’s occupation, education, marital status, and other useful information.

Quality of profiles

The first thing that a new customer sees at DateRussianGirl is the diversity and quality of profiles. There are thousands of active female users every single day. All profiles are verified to be real, so there are minimal chances of you speaking with a lady who does not look like her profile photo. Furthermore, inside of the profiles you can find additional photos of the brides, which allows you to learn more about the potential date.

DateRussianGirl profile

You can be sure that profiles represent the real information about the brides because most of the time the team of professionals assists brides when they create an account.

Real-life reviews

Here, you can check out a review of a customer who has been using DateRussianGirl for over a month:


DateRussianGirl is a great place for guys like me. I am a single man who is ready to settle down. I want to find a woman who is beautiful and interesting and wants to start a family. I need a person with serious intentions because I am a man with serious intentions. It has provided me with great opportunities to meet wonderful brides from different countries. The thing that I love the most is the variety of communication. If I want, I can chat with a lady with the help of the instant message system. If I do not have enough time, I usually use emails as they are convenient and timesaving. Still, there is a great way to connect with a date through video calls. So, if you are a single man who wants to meet a family-oriented, gorgeous, and loyal girl, DateRussianGirl is the platform that can help you!”

– Steve N., 39


As it has been mentioned above, registration is what makes DateRussianGirl stand out from the rest of the dating websites. First of all, the very process of signing up is free. You do not have to pay for any stage of the profile creation. Many sites have a fee-based sign-up process. Although it can make sense, it is quite difficult for newcomers to understand whether the platform is effective or suitable for them. However, when registration is free, it allows people to sign up and check everything out without spending money.

Another important thing about registration is that it is very quick. It will take a few minutes of your time to enter everything needed. There is a brief questionnaire that can be skipped. However, it is highly advisable to fill it out because it contains questions about your perfect date and preferences. Still, if you want to check out this website as fast as possible, you can fill out the survey later.

The website does not require you to enter a lot of private information. The only data that you enter is your name, age, and email address. You can also write down about your education, career, marital status, interests and hobbies, and preferences, although it is not demanded.

So, you can see that dating site is a perfect platform to start looking for a bride online. Because of the free and quick registration, you can check out the perfect quality of services, diverse communication tools, affordable prices, and a wonderful selection of marvelous girls from all over the world!

Search and filters

The core of a dating website is the searching and matchmaking algorithms. You come to a platform to find a suitable and matching lady. You enter your preferences and the engine searches for matches with similar interests and characteristics. Many factors define the effectiveness of online dating and searching and matchmaking algorithms play invaluable and vital roles.

DateRussianGirl search

It is important to claim that DateRussianGirl has advanced and modern searching systems. It can find a match based on your needs and demands quickly and efficiently. Even though there is a huge database filled with gorgeous and interesting mail-order brides, you can be sure that it will not take long to find a lady meeting your preferences.

To help customers look for a particular type of woman, company offers a convenient and highly effective system of filters. There, you can find a wide selection of factors that can be chosen. If you want to look for a tall, young, and interesting bride from Latin America, you can easily specify these parameters in the filter section. A short version of the filters includes age and country factors. However, if you want to be more specific, you are welcome to use an extensive search. There, you can specify education, marital status, habits, eye and hair color, and many other filters.

Communication tools

To find a great potential bride, it is important to communicate with numerous girls. Online dating requires speaking and chatting with dozens of ladies because it is a way to find true love and happiness. One can agree that it is almost impossible to meet the right person without searching. Nevertheless, Date Russian Girl can help you find your perfect match easily and quickly.

DateRussianGirl chat

A wide range of communication tools is one the reasons why so many men choose this dating platform. Depending on goals, expectations, and the style of communication, a customer can choose what form of communication to use:

  • Emails.It is one of the most common ways to start communicating with mail-order brides. A lot of men want to communicate with a lady slowly. Emails allow men to learn a lot about their potential brides without dedicating too much time and efforts. It is also very useful for men who do not have a lot of free time but still want to interact with brides. It is definitely one of the most popular forms of communication.
  • Private live chats.This is the option for men who want their communication to be instant and lively. Private chat rooms allow customers to have a meaningful and interesting conversation with a bride. You can send virtual gifts and flowers, send emojis, and receive photos in live chats. Furthermore, DateRussianGirl allows you to communicate with several girls at the same time, so there is no need to limit yourself. Hundreds of men enjoy chatting with hot girls!
  • Audio and video calls.This is a more intimate and personalized form of communication, there is no point in denying that. If you want to hear and see your bride, this is the option for you. Sometimes, text cannot convey all emotions and feelings, so dating service offers an exceptional opportunity for men to see their dates.

Mobile app

Unfortunately, DateRussianGirl does not have a mobile application. Nevertheless, if you want to use the services on your phone or tablet, you can easily use the mobile version of the platform. All the services and functions available on the desktop version can be enjoyed and used on the mobile version.

Additional services

Flower and gift delivery

If you want to surprise your potential bride with a nice present or a bunch of fresh flowers, you can order them right at the website. This is an additional service that many men enjoy. The website organizes the delivery of the flowers or gifts, so you can be sure that your gallant gesture will not be lost. It is a very romantic way to show your affection and love to a girl with whom you communicate. Furthermore, it can improve your connection with your lady!

DateRussianGirl gifts

Statistical data

You are given statistical data about your profile for free. It is truly a superb additional service that is not fee-based. You can check out how many messages you received, how many ladies checked your profile and added you to their hotlist.

Private photos and videos

As it has been mentioned above, a date can send you private photos and videos. These materials would not be available to the rest of the customers, so you can be sure that you will get unique pictures and clips. However, such a feature is fee-based.

Organization of real-life meetings

If you want to meet a girl in real life, DateRussianGirl can help you organize a date. Although it may be quite costly, customers who used such feature claim that it was worth it!


Website has a wonderful and convenient system of credits. It allows you to spend as much money as you want. No need to buy premium memberships that include functions that you do not need. If you want to communicate with a girl for ten minutes via video calls, just pay for the exact amount of credits. No hidden services.

Right now, the basic package with 20 credits costs $9.99. And you will decide if it worth to use after spending 20 free credits. The prices for other packages are:

2 credits
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16 credits
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100 credits
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All transactions are protected by the SSL-encryption system so you can be sure for the safety of your information.

Customer support

One of the distinctive features of DateRussianGirl is its customer services. First of all, it works 24/7. Regardless of your issue, you can ask for help, and a team of professionals will help you right away. Secondly, there are dating and communication experts that can give you professional tips and information on how to communicate with brides. It is very useful, especially for men who use online dating for the very first time. So, if you have a problem, do not hesitate and turn for help!

Pros and cons of DateRussianGirl


  • Fast and free registration.It will take a few minutes of your time to create a profile!
  • Huge databases.Enjoy thousands of mail-order brides from around the world!
  • Diverse communication tools.Use video and audio calls, private chat rooms, and emails to communicate with brides.
  • High quality of services.All profiles are verified and real. Matchmaking and searching algorithms are advanced and effective.


  • No mobile application.Although there is no mobile app, you can use mobile version of the website on your phone and tablet.
  • Fee-based communication.To start chatting or speaking with a lady you have to pay.

Summing up

DateRussianGirl is a professional dating website with years of experience. Thousands of customers have successfully found true love. It is a platform that unites people all over the world. The exceptional quality of services and a wide selection of gorgeous and interesting mail-order brides make this dating venue stand out from the rest of the dating sites.

The website is very user-friendly. In case you do not have experience with online dating, you will find that using this platform is not difficult. The simple design helps new customers understand how everything works.

As it has been mentioned that a website has a large number of active profiles. These are verified and real ladies who look just like their profile photos. You can communicate with them through different communication tools that include video and audio calls, private live chats, and emails. You can also enjoy a range of additional services that include organization of real-life meetings, free statistical data, gift and flowers delivery, and many more.

Service is a very affordable and effective website. With the help of advanced and modern searching algorithms, you can be sure to find a perfect bride who will meet your preferences and demands. So, join Date Russian Girl and learn for yourself that online dating has never been so effective and simple!

Is DateRussianGirl free?

This platform is pay-to-use: if you decide to register, you can do it for free, as well as to browse the existing profiles; however, you should purchase some special currency to pay for all the other services. There are plenty of features that may come in handy, and all of them are paid. Luckily, the prices are reasonable, so you can enjoy anything you want without spending a fortune.

How I can make a profile on DateRussianGirl?

You should fill in a special form - you can find that form on the main page of the site. No passer-by will enter the site without registration or signing in, so you will not get lost searching for registration form: it is the only thing that you will see once enter DateRussianGirl.

How do DateRussianGirl credits work?

To make contacts and do a lot of entertaining and pleasant things you should pay, and you can do it only with credits. The price for a package of 20 credits is $9.99, and you can purchase only packages of credits.

Is DateRussianGirl safe?

On this platform all the profiles are verified at least for any past problems with dating sites. Additionally, there is a procedure that verifies the identity of accounts owners so you can see the real members and those who use fake names or photos. The platform will keep your data safe too - with its SSL encryption. So, yes, the site is safe.

How can members delete their DateRussianGirl profiles?

You cannot make your profile disappear from the site unless you delete all the data from it. This is the only thing you can do to leave this dating platform.

How many members does DateRussianGirl have?

No statistics is available, so we cannot say how many people are on the site; although, you can know for sure that more than 50% of users are women from Eastern Europe. Isn’t it enough to start filling your profile on MT site?

Can I use DateRussianGirl anonymously?

No, anonymous browsing is not available on the site. Luckily, there are the other ways to keep yourself invisible: you can delete all your data and it will make you a faceless guest on DateRussianGirl.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

There is a special “Verified” sign that shows that a user you look at is a real man or woman, as she/he has passed the procedure of identity verification. You can get your own “green sign” by providing the admins with your ID document.

Is messaging free?

No, it is not free. All the communication means are paid, so you should search for another platform if you want to talk to other members without payment.

How long should I wait to have my account approved?

You can fill your account instantly, after the signup, so you don’t need to wait for days. However, the administration will check your profile after it is completed. You can browse the profiles and do anything you want while checking.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

You should follow simple rules: keep your passcode far from suspicious people, do not send money to anyone, and do not share any of personal data. It will protect you from any kinds of problems, unless special cases occur. Remember that you can always contact the Support team whose members can help you to solve your problems.

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