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Japanese Brides
Japanese Brides
Japanese Brides
Tue Apr 23 2024 04:06:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Japanese Mail Order Brides: Who Are They & Why Do They Migrate?

Japan is a homogeneous country, but this is slowly changing. According tostatistics, only 1,3% of Japanese women marry foreigners, but this number is expected to grow. More and moreJapanese bridesstart to think that marrying a guy from another country may be a good idea. Why does it happen? What are the chances of meeting a Japanese mail order bride? You can find the answers below.

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Real Japanese wives

For you to see if Japanese girls are interested in dating foreigners (and vice versa), we will provide you some statistics.

In 2010, the government issuedmore than 500K-1 visas to Japanese people. We can assume that owing to the popularity of online dating, the female part was relatively large. In 2020, the number of people who applied for K-1 visas has decreased to195, which can be explained by the global pandemic and lockdowns. Even those who had international relationships couldn’t leave their countries to meet and marry each other, so we can’t say that the interest forJapanese mail order brideshas also decreased: people just hadn’t the possibility to start or continue building their families.

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Are Japanese women for marriage legitimate?

Yes, Japanese dating and international marriages are legal both in Japan and in the USA. All the marriages and the rights of both spouses are regulated byInternational Marriage Broker Regulation Actwhich requires the spouses to undergo some background checks and interviews. The rights of foreign women who marry Americans are protected byThe Violence Against Women Act, so girls shouldn’t worry about any personal issues - however, they should know where to go and ask for help if they experience violence, abuse, or any other kind of improper treatment.

A cost for Japanese mail order bride

First of all, we’d like to emphasize that there is no exact Japanese wife price. This term actually refers to the total amount of money one needs to spend to find Japanese mail order brides and date one of them online and offline. So, the main expenditures are:

Subscription for the site and/or credits

Each site has its own billing policy. Some offer paid subscription plans, and some offer credits that can be used as virtual currency (a member pays for particular services they use). The prices usually start from $30 per month. There is no maximum limit for those who purchase credits, but you can spend up to $300-$500 a month on high-end sites. The average cost is about $70-$100 per month, and members usually spend about a year before they find a bride and meet her in person, so let’s say that in most cases, men spend about $1,000-$1,200 on online dating.

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Trips to Japan

You can’t just marry someone you met online without meeting her in person (in part because you’ll not be able to get your bride a visa). So, men have two options — they can buy all-inclusive romance tours, which are usually more expensive because they are organized by agencies. Still, they have an advantage — you don’t have to think about anything, from your hotel to dates in particular restaurants — the team of the site will do everything for you. However, such trips may cost about $15,000.

If you don’t mindarranging your trip to Japanyourself, it’d be much cheaper.

  • Flight tickets: $800-$1,000. The price of tickets varies depending on where you live.
  • Hotel: 14-day stay in a hotel would cost you from $260 for one day in an apartment for two, i.e. $3,640
  • Food: $868 for two weeks depending on your needs and preferences
  • Transportation: if you are going to use local transport, you can spend around $40 for two persons a day, i.e. $560 for two weeks
  • Total price: at least $5,100

The total cost

So, you’ll need to spend about $1,000 on a dating site, $1,000 on tickets, and about $5,000 on accommodation, food, dates for two weeks for you and your bride. We didn’t include gifts as well as the wedding itself, because it’s totally up to you and your woman. So, the average cost of a bride is about $5,000. You may save on the dating site, hotel, restaurants and spend a bit less if you want to.

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The truth about Japanese brides

Women in Japan often have to choose between a family and their career, in spite of the fact thatthe number of female studentsis very close to the number of male students in universities. Women are still paid less, and that’s not the only difficulty they face. Bosses think that a single girl will get married soon, so they don’t hire them. A married woman is too “busy” to work well enough. A single woman who is 30+ years old is “weird” because she’s not married. Most ladies just can’t have a family and a good job, and they are pretty tired of that, so many of them don’t mind finding a foreign husband and moving to another country.

A lot of Japanese brides just prefer foreign men and the men actually like these girls, too. An average Japanese mail order wifeis 5’1” tall and weighs 116 pounds— a petite charming lady just cannot look unattractive to a foreign ambitious man. More excitingly, the average age of girls who use dating sites and prefer to date foreigners is 20-27 years, and the average age gap between them and their American boyfriends is around 2-3 years, and we may assume that they usually date men of pretty the same age as they are.

Wrapping up

So, how can mail order a Japanese bride? You can’t, but you can look for her on niche websites — international dating sites or mail order bride platforms. Japan is not as homogeneous as it was a few decades ago, and even older people there are less concerned about interethnic marriages, so if you do like Japanese women, their looks, values, and their attitude towards family and household, just give it a chance.

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