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Russian Brides
russian girl
Diana Kareva
Russia, Voronezh
About me:

I am an easy-going girl who wants to find a funny and handsome man. I am very sociable, which is why I have so many friends. I like spending time with the nearest and dearest people. Even though friends are very important to me, they cannot replace real love.

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Russian Brides
Russian Brides
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Russian Mail Order Brides: Can They Make You Happy?

Are you looking for a stunningly beautiful and loyal partner for life? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a skillful, intelligent, and interesting lady who will make sure that your relationships will be happy and enjoyable? Are you ready for online communication with the greatest and highly friendly women in the world? Then Russian brides are just what you seek!

russian mail order bride

What kind of woman do you seek? Does she have to be family-oriented, loyal, and graceful? If you are a man who is respectable, responsible, and honest, you will enjoy communicating with Russian brides. You will find at least 20,000-30,000 women on online dating sites from Russia.

Who are Russian mail order brides?

Mail order bride is a woman who wants to find a partner - nothing more and nothing less. She needs a strong man, who will support her and to stand by her for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. And, she will do the same and even more for her beloved person. She does dream about an ideal partner, but she realizes that there is no perfect man and no perfect couple. Mail order brides know this truth the best because usually, they cannot find their soulmates in their homelands - for different reasons that may be similar to yours if you have any.

These girls are ready to compromise in a relationship but do not want that in feelings. They believe that there are men who can love with all the heart.

Can you do this?

Online dating has helped thousands of people to find their partners. The stories about successful marriages have spread through word-of-mouth, and dating sites have gained a lot of attention of people, who want to love and to be loved.

Are you ready to make some efforts to date and marry an attractive Russian lady?

Russia is a country that hides plenty of mysteries. Women are among these mysteries. A lot of men know that attractive, strong, and feminine ladies live there. But, what if this portrait is just a tale?

Let’s have a look at the features of a traditional Russian single woman and discover whether any myths need to be dispelled.

beautiful russian woman

Are they beautiful?

Yes. Photos on the Internet and media do not lie! Girls with light hair color and blue eyes are considered to be traditional Eastern European beauties. But, brown-eyed women with chocolate hair and tempting views can be met in Russia too. Of course, one can see the beauty in his personal way: for someone, Monica Bellucci is ideal, and someone may adore the appearance of Svetlana Khodchenkova. You should know only one fact - there are a lot of women in Russia, who want to date a foreigner. And they are either impeccably beautiful or care about themselves a lot to achieve the look they want. Maybe, their beauty is just a skill, genes or the result of efforts, but… Who cares when sees an attractive lady?

Are they understanding?

Yes. Understanding may be called a cultural specialty of Russian people, although someone develops it only with the time. Russian ladies, who love to talk more than men, really honed that skill. They adore to discuss everything and do it everywhere - from job to kitchen.

Some people may suppose that Eastern European women are reserved, and it is true. But, the girl you are close with will tell you a lot about her past and present and will listen to you with pleasure. Thus, she will understand you better but only if you let her know you.

If you marry a Russian lady, she will support you anytime. Even when you do now express your feelings, you should know that your Russian wife will feel it with her heart. Russian soul only seems to be cold; it is actually very sensitive and understanding.

Do they like housekeeping?

It depends on a person. But, Russian girls often dream about a stable life, cozy and big home, and a loving partner. Usually, housekeeping is a result of getting those dreams to come true. A happy woman who feels safe will concentrate on the happiness of her family members even more! She will try to keep the big house clean and tidy, to show her partner love and care, and make a life together even brighter than it already is. Additionally, it is a tradition in a Russian family to teach a girl to cook and to do it well - just for her own life. And, a lot of Russian people still preserve the traditional family hierarchy with a woman as the queen of the hearth and man as earner and protector. Girls tend to keep this tradition further in life.

russian woman looking forward

Are they educated and smart?

Yes. Education is essential in all Slavic countries. Kids are taught to study well to achieve a good job in the future. A lot of cool specialists have Russian origin. And, they work abroad and are supposed to have flexible minds, because they are ready to leave their homeland to have work of their dreams or to get a better life. Moving to another country demands not only moral strength but understanding what a person will do abroad, where an employer would prefer a native speaker rather than a foreigner. Russian women understand that too, so they try not only to study well to improve the flexibility of their minds but make their best at a work time.

Why Russian women want to meet Western men?

A mother, a loving wife and a protector of the domestic hearth wants safety, security, calm, stability, and prosperity. Russian women who become mail order brides usually cannot get such a comfortable family environment with the men in their country. Maybe they see the difference in their view on family and men’s view on it. Probably, they just do not get the understanding from men in Russia. Or, they see no possibility to meet a real soulmate in their motherland. Any Russian bride has her own story and desires. You can learn the story of a woman you like only once you ask her.

But, there are the most popular reasons why Russian ladies want to date foreigners:

  • Stability.This is the number one reason for a Russian woman to start dreaming about a Western man. Foreigner usually earns enough to allow their women to forget about exhausting work or searching for ways to feed their families. In Russia, there are a lot of Russian singles with kids, who have to get several jobs to survive - and this is the exact opposite of stability. Western men are usually very generous and strong to protect their women from such a terrifying destiny, that is why Slavic ladies want to date them.
  • Attention and romance.Western men seem to be emotional, romantic, and supportive partners. Russia is a cold country and girls want some nice actions that will make them feel warm their souls that struggle for sweet moments in day-to-day life.
  • Emotional reactions.Russian men tend to be quite reserved. Russian girls may want to meet someone a bit more emotional because they want to see the men’s reaction to their actions. For example, it would be nice to see a grateful smile to a gift or loud laugh to a joke. Quite a few people want to guess whether their partner is satisfied with something or not. Russian women do not belong to that kind of people.

Top 3 cities in Russia

Even though Russia is the largest country in the world, it is essential to note that you will find girls from certain cities.

  • Moscow — the majority of brides are going to be from Moscow. Girls here are educated, rather independent, and sociable. You will not find any difficulties in finding a date from Moscow.
  • St. Petersburg — the so-called cultural capital of the country. The brides here are exceptionally smart, interesting, and friendly.
  • Sochi — a place of sun and leisure. It is a resort city where you can find hundreds of hot girls.

Russian bride: pitfalls

If the relationship with a Russian mail-order bride is such a brilliant idea, why don’t all the men use this possibility to find their perfect matches?

It is easy: some people cannot surpass the possible problems. Some men consider these problems to be the real obstacles to happiness. Some men believe that it is not worth efforts. Well, if you know that nothing comes to you for free and easily, you will never have such thoughts. Yet, you should know what problems you can meet when you decide to date and marry a Russian beauty. Forewarned is forearmed.

dreaming russian woman

She may speak only her native language

It is a solvable issue, but it demands time. Conversations on dating sites and during the first dates may be conducted with the help of a translator, but further, she may need to learn your language. It is especially important if you want to marry your woman. You can discuss it with your future wife and come to compromise. Well, you can talk in body language, but it is not enough to know each other. You can buy courses for you both - Russian for you and English for your woman, and develop your speaking skills together. Again, it is a very good possibility to understand each other better!

Some people do not like international couples

If you are reading these lines, you probably are not against international marriages. But, some people may not share such attitude to marriages with people of a different nationality. Friends, neighbors, and relatives of your woman and your ones may not consider your marriage to be “a proper one”. If you are ready to explain to people your feelings or just ignore their opinions, your marriage with Russian wife will be happy.

Luckily, international couples are appreciated now, as people get more tolerant of everything. You will unlikely have any problems with it.

You inherited different cultures

It does not matter if you can accept your differences. If you enjoy those differences – it is even better. Some couples say that they are not alike in tastes, humor, and features of character but it makes their life together interesting. Yet, you still may have some misunderstandings during conversations. It may be a bit awkward to say that you do not understand your wife’s joke because she refers to a movie you have never seen (because it is Russian). But, it gives you a chance to watch that movie with your wife!

Problems may even unite people. Everything depends on how you look at those problems.

Both of you should be ready to stress after moving

Some men want to take their beautiful Russian ladies to their homelands. Women usually agree to move to another country, but it may be stressful for a girl. Some ladies have flexible minds and would love to move to another continent, but some of them have relatives in Russia. Your lady will miss all of them so much! You should support her and encourage her visiting home, and her family members arrivals to your country. It will show your care and attention to what she feels and experiences in general.

back of russian woman

If you are going to move to Russia, you should be ready for a large package of problems, starting from getting a job to getting insurance. Luckily, everything can be solved with a bit of discussion: your language will open a lot of doors to you. And, you may perform your working obligations via the Internet, it is a very convenient and popular way to earn money.

To sum up

Russian brides are tender, feminine, yet strong ladies. They can make happy probably any man because of their willpower, desire to have a family, and wish to see their kids’ smiles. And, they want to find true love and are ready to make efforts for their dreams’ realization.

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