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Meeting an Asian lady for marriage? It is so easy to do online in our days! Register a profile on AsianBeautyOnline and get the access to thousands of profiles of single girls from Asia who dream about a relationship with a foreign man.

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AsianBeautyOnline: Fine-Tuning The Online Dating Process

Dating online can be a huge pain in the a$$. Yeah, we just said that out loud. Pardon the French, but we just had to lay it down the way it is-no filters.

Looking for a lover online is like doing a maze run. One turn after the other and all you bump into is disappointments. And you know what the worst part is? You get conned or left unprotected by the same site that promised you a smooth ride. So unbelievable!

AsianBeautyOnline site

In your efforts to give this ago again, you’ve probably come across AsianBeautyOnline, and now you are wondering if it’s legit. Well, guess what, all your questions are going to be answered exhaustively.

This AsianBeautyOnline review is going to talk about both the good, the bad, and the ugly (not that there is any) side of this dating site so you can decide whether to give it a go or not. Enough blabbering. Got your jam session suit on? Good, let’s get dancing!

Brief Info

AsianBeautyOnline is an online dating hub that connects men and women from all walks of life. The platform has been in service for over a decade and lists mostly Asian girls from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, The Philippines etc.

The platform is paid and thus reliable in linking two people who are tired of flings. The site has successfully connected thousands of folks who are now happy family members. But since it isn’t enough to base your decision on, then let's keep going. It is one of the best Asian ating websites.

Website Outlook

Scouting for a good dating site is no different from house hunting. When you get some choices, you always begin with the exterior look. If what you don’t like what you see, then it’s wise to click away.

This dating platform has one of the cleanest interfaces ever. Every tab is laid out perfectly in easy-to-spot sections. Vital tabs are marked with deep color for proper visibility. This helps to direct users to places they need to be rather than wander around aimlessly.

AsianBeautyOnline view

The Registration Process

You don’t need a 10-page essay about yourself, an excerpt from Shakespeare books or money to register on AsianBeautyOnline dating site. An email, password, and date of birth should do. Now, during the registration process, you will also need to specify your gender and what you are looking for.

Note that the platform caters to everyone — including those dating within their genders. Their filters (which we’ll talk about later) make it easier to narrow down choices so you can connect with like-minded people.

Once you are in, you’ll go through a 3-stage profile completion process. The first stage is about your date, then yourself, and finally a profile photo. The site works through an algorithm that feeds your recommendations based on the info you provided. This means you must remain factual throughout to avoid getting weird dates in your inbox.

Is it possible to just take a quick look around with an incomplete profile? Yeah, you can skip to the end and view ladies' profiles. Consider this a chance to do window shopping. So if a site insists that you provide all the details, then perhaps they are hiding something. All in all, it should take you less than 5-minutes to sign up on AsianBeautyOnline.

Female Members

And now to the best stuff. This service hosts thousands of female members from Asian countries. Never will you run out of people to speak to. If one girl doesn’t feel your vibe, there will be a hundred more in line.

Asian Beauty Online scrutinizes every member before adding them to the platform. This helps to fend off jokers who are out to scam and bother others. How do I tell that someone is a verified member? It’s easy. There is a validation badge on the right side of her name that reads “Validated Member.”

AsianBeautyOnline search

Almost 90% of the have profile images — we’re talking about clear headshots that display full glamor. Some of them have videos, and we recommend you prioritize them. Why? Because you’ll have a sense of how she talks, behaves, and see her exact Photoshop-free image.

It would be a lie to say they don’t pack the hottest girls on earth. There are plenty of drop-dead gorgeous ladies aged between 18 and 90. However, a majority of the users lie between 20-35 years.


How does this service compare with others in terms of pricing? Well, to begin with, AsianBeautyOnline has incredibly awesome welcome packages — over 20 credits! Who does that? With most sites, the best you can get is 15 credits.

However, the welcome package is tied to your first purchase. For the first 15 minutes of your sign up, you get 10 free credits that you can use to send and receive correspondence. This happens only if you click on a confirmation link sent to you via email.

Here are the rates for each of the activity you might perform while on the site:

  • 2 credits per minute for a live chat with one member
  • 5 credits for sending a chat sticker
  • 10 credits for sending or opening a photo
  • 50 credits for sending or opening video links-you’ll only be charged when you click the link
  • 2 credits for a profile photo comment
  • 20 credits for sending the first letter, but the rest will be charged 30
  • 0 credits for opening the first letter and 10 for each subsequent
  • 25 credits for opening a link to a member’s profile video
  • 100 credits to upload a video of up to 100MB to your profile
  • 625 credits to request for real meet up
  • 3000 credits to get the contact details of a member

Besides these charges, it will cost you nothing to browse profiles. And now to the most important question; how much does each credit cost? Well, it depends on the package you choose. As of this writing, the lowest and simplest package (20 credits) goes for $2.99 ($0.15/credit). For other packages site charges these prices:

2 Credits
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16 credits
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100 credits
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As you can see from those rates, the bigger the package, the better the offer gets.

Special Features

This service has special features that help to make your experience as fulfilling as it can get. The search bar, for instance, comes in two forms-simple and in-depth. The former allows you to filter by age, online presence, and validation status.

The latter, on the other hand, is extensive (and heavily recommended). It has a lot of filters like country, religion, the number of kids, religion, level of education, validation status, etc. This is the best way to shoot straight to what you desire. One thing you have to notice is that the results will be fewer than those from a basic search.

AsianBeautyOnline chat

Love is a two-way street; you love and get loved back. As you look around, there are girls who are checking you out as well. Unfortunately, some sites don’t show you that data. Imagine how easy your work could be if you get a notification that several ladies checked and favorited you. That’s a wonderful head start.

Asian Beauty Online shows you all the girls who checked out your profile, liked and favorite it. However, this data is premium and therefore, will cost you a few credits.

Given that the service mostly lists Asian women, some of them may not be fluent in English. But since love is blind, many people won’t mind going ahead with someone who doesn’t speak English. This made the platform introduce paid translation services. Every message you or she send will be converted into something understandable.

You can also use the company to send out real gifts and flowers to your girl. This service is a bit costly, though. But hey, we all have to send out expensive stuff to prove how much we are in love with the other person, right?

AsianBeautyOnline girl

Safety and Protection

As you have already read elsewhere in this Asian Beauty Online review, all the ladies listed go through a vetting process before being allowed on the platform. Those that haven’t fulfilled all the requirements don’t earn a validation badge.

Furthermore, the website is reinforced with 128-bit SSL encryption and certified by respected bodies such as McAfee, Norton Security, and PCI DSS security. We know you want to hear this-all your financial transactions are sheathed and never exposed to anyone.

Customer Support

AsianBeautyOnline has some of the most friendly and responsive support. In case of a payment problem or anything that is getting in your way of dating, simply initiate a ticket via the website messaging system or through the “contact us” section. It is one of the most available asian dating websites.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Comprehensive search tool
  • A clean design interface
  • Multiple female profiles to surf through
  • Totally safe with solid anti-scam policies
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Time-tested service


  • Focuses on Asian girls only
  • Too many women than men. If you don’t focus on a few, you could find yourself unable to make a choice
  • They don’t have a mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions
Is AsianBeautyOnline free to join?

Yes, it’s free to join. You also don’t need to spend while browsing member profiles. However, you will be required to purchase correspondence credits.

Is the site safe for users?

Yes, this platform has robust anti-scam policies that lower the possibility of one getting conned. While transacting online, your details are encrypted through 128-bit SSL encryption. Furthermore, they are satisfied by recognized brands such as McAfee.

How many women are on the site?

AsianBeautyOnline has thousands of female profiles, most of whom are verified. Not that many of them hail from Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, and China. No matter how long you stay online, there will be someone to talk to.

Is the site costly?

In comparison to other established dating sites-no it’s not expensive. If anything, it ranks among the affordable options out here with reliable services. Nevertheless, there are high-end services that cost a lot on many sites like sending actual gifts and accessing a member’s contact info.

Wrapping It All Up

AsianBeautyOnline falls among the few reputable online dating platforms for individuals who are looking for long-lasting love. Their services are expanded to include individuals within the LGBT community. After all, everyone deserves to fall in love, right?

Their site offers everything you might need to make an impact on your date. And the best part is, you do all you need to do without burning a hole in your pocket. With solid anti-scam policies in place, you don’t need to worry. If things go sideways, i.e. you get taken advantage of, the platform will pay back every penny spent.

Remember, safety begins with you. Just because the company has rules and regulations in place doesn’t mean you should ignore the power of the “sixth” sense. All in all, make sure to enjoy every little bit of your dating journey because It’s not always about the destination. Happy hunting!

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