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How We Choose Brides

Our main goal is to help people from all around the world to find their dream mates without spending months searching for a perfect dating platform and then for a perfect soulmate. Our experts view thousands of profiles on various dating sites to choose the best women on top rated dating platforms.

What exactly does “the best” mean? We choose not the profiles, we choose women who are attractive and smart, sociable and open-minded, educated and family-oriented. How do we know if a particular lady is a nice and thoughtful person? We rely on the information singles provide in their profile.

Who can become a Featured bride?

We analyze the following criteria:

  • Motivation to marry the right man.This is the first thing we pay attention to. If a lady is looking for no strings attached dating, she cannot be a Featured bride, no matter how beautiful and educated she is. Our site is created for people who want to start a serious relationship.
  • Beauty.Some may say that appearance is not important. We cannot agree. Women do not have to look like top models, and every lady is attractive in her own way. This criterion is rather about the way the girl represents herself. If a lady knows that she is naturally beautiful and highlights her beauty, if she is confident and friendly, she is our candidate.
  • The readiness to change.It is not a secret that single men and women who set up accounts on dating sites are usually from different countries. Consequently, there is a strong possibility that someone will have to move to another country. There is also no denying that a bride usually moves into a fiance’s house. We check if a lady is motivated to marry a foreigner before posting information about her.
  • Activity.Men who are looking for a bride on dating sites often face a big problem: some female members are very inactive and not too friendly. We want to share information about the ladies who are really motivated to communicate and to find the right man.
  • The quality of the profile.Mysterious ladies are gorgeous and incredibly attractive, but we do not choose them as our Featured brides. We want our readers to have an opportunity to click on the profile and see all the information about a woman, from her habits to education.
  • Photos.We appreciate the high-quality photos and videos uploaded by ladies.
  • Profile verification.Some of the sites mark verified profiles as ‘Verified,’ ‘Validated,’ etc. We choose only real profiles checked by moderators.

Our team of experts chooses from 50 to 100 best profiles every month. They view thousands of profiles on top websites and consider the applications send by the ladies who want to become more popular and improve their chances of finding a husband. However, not all the profiles are approved.

Here are the main reasons for rejection:

  • Absence of photos– most men want to know how their bride looks like.
  • No self-description, no detailed answers about a future husband - even if a girl is incredibly beautiful, personality traits matter most.
  • No motivation to marry a foreigner– if a lady does not want to change anything in her life, she is not really motivated to meet a nice guy.
  • Suspicious dating website– if a girl is a member of a low-quality site with tons of fake profile, we cannot recommend that our visitors join this platform.

We believe in love, romance, and strong family. We think that finding a soul mate is not as difficult as some may think. We are happy to provide single men and single ladies with an opportunity to meet each other today, not after the years of searching.

russian girl
Diana Kareva
Russia, Voronezh
Pharmacist, 18
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russian girl
Viktoriya Bobrik
Russia, Novosibirsk
Physician, 20
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russian woman
Tatiana Zaytseva
Russia, Sochi
Manager, 28
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russian girl
Daria Guryeva
Russia, Volgograd
Customer service representatives, 23
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